As a court reporter, your reputation depends on the accuracy and readability of the transcript which bears your name.  I understand that court reporting requires a huge time commitment, and your time outside of work is limited.  My purpose is to help you experience freedom from the rigorous demands of your job by being your second set of eyes and assisting you in producing polished transcripts.

I proofread all types of legal transcripts including depositions, examinations under oath, hearings, and trials according to Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, 2nd Edition, the Gregg Reference Manual, Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, the Merriam-Webster dictionary, NCRA guidelines and your individual preferences.

How It Works

  • For new clients, click and download my Reporter’s Preference Sheet, a PDF form that you can fill out and email to me along with your transcript.
  • I receive your transcript in PDF format. (If you need a PDF converter, click the button to the right). Download and follow prompts to install. Open your transcript in regular software and click “Print.” Choose CutePDF Writer and click “Print.” Your file is now converted to a PDF file. Save to the desired location on your PC or cloud.  Then, attach to an email and send to me!)
  • I return your annotated transcript in PDF format via email.  I return ONLY the annotated pages with corrections/suggestions in red and yellow highlights. In order to see all corrections — both red and yellow highlights — open the PDF file in the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader only.  Using other viewers will not show all corrections. No scanning or printing on my part means that you receive your completed transcript in a more timely and efficient manner!
  • For fastest turnaround:
    • Submitted transcripts should be final drafts and as close to turn-in ready as possible.
    • If your job is longer than 200 pages, please send me the file in pieces so that I can be completing one portion while you are working on another portion.

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