Legal Transcripts

As a court reporter, your reputation depends on the accuracy and readability of the transcript which bears your name.  I understand that court reporting requires a huge time commitment, and your time outside of work is limited.  My purpose is to help you experience freedom from one of the rigorous demands of your job by being your second set of eyes and assisting you in producing polished transcripts.

Web Content

It takes only a few seconds for a spelling error or unintended message to go viral which could potentially damage your online reputation. As a proofreader, my job is to help you communicate your message while ensuring that all punctuation, spelling, capitalization and context is corrected before you publish.

Ebook Proofreading

Everyone has that friend who can spot a typo a mile away. As a proofreader of your ebook, I will specifically look for errors in punctuation, spelling, capitalization, etc. Sometimes a second set of eyes is needed to catch those sneaky little errors that can easily slip through the cracks and have a negative impact on your content. I will give your book one last look before submission.

Jennifer Mobley

Jennifer Mobley

Owner, Proofreader

I am a retired veterinarian with advanced degrees in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. Both my B.S. and D.V.M. degrees were attained through study at Auburn University. My research and training was concentrated in the area of bovine and equine reproductive physiology.

I reside in Southeast Alabama with my husband and three children where we own and operate Chattahoochee Ridge Cattle Company which is a seed-stock operation producing top-quality genetics in the Sim-Angus breed.

As a result of my education and work experience, I have extensive knowledge of medical terminology as well as concepts in the area of biology and science. Adding to my skill set, I successfully completed the course “Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice ™” and received a Certificate of Completion in December 2016. I understand and appreciate the importance of accuracy in permanent records. I have an eye for detail and the skills necessary to read and correct verbatim transcripts and proofread the spoken word.

In addition to legal transcripts,  I also proofread web content,  blogs, ebooks, and marketing material. Proofreading is paramount when you want your abilities, not your errors, to shine. I look forward to working with and assisting you in providing a flawless final product!

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